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Triggered Actions



Newbie trying to create  a triggered action.  If a customer in my Clients Table has any associated records in a completely different table I want a specific field within the Clients Table to equal yes.   

So an example if a client from the clients table has project in a projects table the field in the client table would equal yes...if they dont have a project it would equal no.

I have a unique identifier for the client which would be in both tables.  I'm just not familiar with how the triggered actions work.  Thanks!

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Hi @Joemac

If I understood your workflow correctly, once a project is added to the project table and it is associated to a client that is existing in the client table, then the yes/no field for the client will be checked. Is that right? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If that is the case then try a similar triggered action as this:

This Triggered Action is created in the Project Table and will run once a new project is created.

Sample insert:
Sample Output in Client Table:

I hope this helps.

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Hello there, since your workflow seems to have many tables with related records, I suggest joining those tables to your Triggered Action as seen on the example provided above. Also, you may try playing around CASE WHEN blocks if you have any conditional scenarios that you need to prompt using triggers. For more information, you may check this HowTo article:


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