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Build a new column/field in a table with a formula. Is there a way to use an IF logic?




I am quite new to Caspio and  I am not sure if what I want to accomplish is possible.

I have a table in which I want to add a new field/column. That new column is going to combine/concatenate few of the other columns in the same table, but I need to use an if logic to complete what I want.
I did not see an IF option as a text formula. This is what I have written, but the formula is not correct:


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Hello @Maria,

Since SQL syntax is supported in the Formula field, please use the SQL CASE statement instead.

The syntax should be like:

WHEN Len([@field:Text]) < 2 THEN '0' + [@field:user_email]
WHEN Len([@field:Text]) > 2 THEN '1' + [@field:user_email]
ELSE [@field:user_email]

The ESLE part is optional.

The important note: each THEN/ELSE should return the value of the same data type.

You may refer to these articles:



Hope this helps.

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