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Search using 'Any' or Blank values



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Hello @Kuroshi,

I have tried checking for another workaround. And here are the steps:
you may need to use criteria in your Search page fields. The check box would be the first criterion. If this box is checked, it will only show blank values. If not, it will show you all of the results. Please refer to these sample screenshots:
1. Add criteria to the field:

2. On the criteria 1, set it as a checkbox and make the 'Comparison type' to 'Is Blank': 4893646
3. Lastly, on the second criteria, set it as a dropdown and add 'Any' as an option in the 'Custom Values'. Here's a screenshot: 4893652


Hope this works for you as well. 


- Barbie

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9 hours ago, Barbie said:

Ho @Kuroshithe workaround that I can suggest is creating multiple DataPages and filtering them based on your criteria. Then on your search dropdown options, you can configure it to be dynamically redirected to *9the filtered DataPages based on criteria.

Hope this helps.

Also, regarding dynamic redirection based on the selected dropdown value, you may also try passing the parameter on exit and then redirect it to an HTML DataPage to receive the parameter and use that value to identify the redirection page. In my case, I always use the code inside this documentation as reference and tweak a little to make it work:


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