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Taking a picture with iPad and attach to record



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@Joemac I believe the only way to get a photo to go straight into the record is by clicking on the file field 'Choose file' button and then selecting the camera. They would have to navigate to the record and then click on the file field, then take the photo, then click update/submit. When doing this on iPad, it should bring up the option to either upload a file/photo from the gallery, or use the camera to take a picture when you click on the 'Choose File' button.

We could probably figure out a simple script to autosubmit once a new image/file is loaded into the file field. We could probably figure out a script to automatically hit the 'Choose file' button as well. Say, if you made a Details page where the user could use a search form to find the correct record, then when the results page loads, the script will automatically hit the file field button. Then the user would just have to select the Camera from the prompt and take the photo. Then maybe use the autosubmit function on change of the file field. 

Not too sure if that is what you are looking for. But if so, I can start trying to make some scripts work. 

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10 minutes ago, Joemac said:

Can I hire you to build this out for me?

No, I apologize. Between school and my job I do not have time. However, I'll gladly help you here for free. 

I would recommend @LWSChad if you really need someone else to do this for you. He has helped me a few times on these forums and I know he recently got the Certified Caspio Developer stuff going on. 

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