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Add comma, period, equal sign or ! in a formula field



Hello forum people, is there any way that we can add some punctuation marks in two fields? Basically, I am joining two fields and wanted to add an '=' sign in between the fields and It is not working on my end. I have followed the steps in the article but still doesn't work. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! 

Lastly, this is want my current formula looks like : [@field:Media] +' Space(=)' + [@field:Other] 

Any suggestion/recommendations will do. :)

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Good day, mate! I see that you are trying to add a mark in between the joined fields. I have a formula similar to this one. Feel free to use this formula as your reference below: 

[@field:lastname] +' = '+ [@field:Name] 

Note: It could also be used with a comma, period or exclamation mark as well ( ' , ' , '. ', '!') Just simply change the = sign in the middle of the single quotes. 

Here is a sample result on my end. image.png.2eddad95e5ad78718b8fb497572dafab.png

Cheers mate! :D 

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