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Convert Existing Field with Data to Autonumber



Hi All - this may have been asked and answered elsewhere but I could not find it, so any input is appreciated. I have an existing table in Microsoft Access that has a Primary Key that is set to "Autonumber" for the datatype. I want to import this field into a new Caspio table and set the field Datatype in Caspio to also be Autonumber. In essence, I want it to keep generating a new primary key value picking up where the old Autonumber left off for newly added records. I have not found a way to do this. If you set the field datatype to Autonumber during the import, it will discard all of the existing values. If you try to change the field datatype to Autonumber once the table is imported, it will tell you, again, that it is going to discard the existing values. I have hundreds of records, and the existing primary key values have to be maintained in order to relate the table to other tables. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @JayDub -  do you have a duplicated data in your Primary Key field? If there is none, you may try to convert it to Autonumber and set the field to the last number by selecting Reset Autonumber in Table DataSheet view.  You can also add a new field of autonumber to check and compare your existing autonumber to see if there are duplicated data. 

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