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Form that filters data and then selects an option to send email





I am attempting to create a form that allows an employee to select a evaluator(teacher) to approve a Qual Card. I have created a table that has the following columns. 

Name, Evaluator, Evaluator_Email, QC_Number, Branch, Region

All columns are prefilled out and will act as dropdown options with the exception of name. The employee will enter their name. Then choose their branch and then choose the QC card that they are applying for. Once they hit submit, it will generate a list of Evaluators based of the criteria of QC_Number and Branch. I have gotten to this point. The problem I am facing is how to then let the employee choose from this list of the evaluators. Once they choose the evaluator the thought process is they will hit submit and an email will be sent to that Evaluator based off the assigned evaluator email. Any help would be appreciated.


Screenshot 2021-11-04 160811.png

Screenshot 2021-11-04 160841.png

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Okay, so let me verify if I got you correct.

You have a form which your user will their branch and then choose the QC card that they are applying for. After that, they will have a list of evaluators based on what they have selected there as you show on the tabular report. 

You already made up to this point.

The next step is that you want a form where your user will select will select which evaluators they want and sent an email to the selected evaluators. 

Is that the case?

If yes, what I would do is a bit of JS and trigger.

First Im going to set a submission form multi select listbox. This listbox should be a cascading listibox that will show only values that are generated for the current user. Then, in order to make it the listbox multi-selectable, please see this forum post: 

 or this

If things went well, you will have a comma seperated values of the names or ID of the selected evaluator. We can then use it on the triggered action to trace the email address of those evaluators and send email to them.


What I say for now is the concept based on what I understand from your inquiry. I hope it helps and feel free to ask if you need more specific details.

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