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Display last form entry when refreshing




I've got a simple form that allows me allocating staff (by name) to a particular room. It's always only one staff member per room. The staff names are in a dropdown list from a separate table.  Every time the form is submitted, it  is recorded with a timestamp and the results are displayed on a webpage ("Current allocation")

When reloading the form, I want the current (last saved allocation displayed, not the default (ie the first name in the list)

How do I do this?

Many thanks, Christian



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Hi, @drckarcher,

In order to show some field on the Form DataPage from the entry that has most recent timestamp, we can use the Virtual Field with Calculated Value with the following SQL statement:

SELECT TOP(1) field_we_want_to_show FROM tbl_test ORDER BY Time_Stamp_Field DESC

I'm not sure if I understand would you like to show last allocation based on some value from other field, so could you please elaborate a little bit more about the issue?

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