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Change values in an existing field in a table to all lower case



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Could probably do something like below. 

Obviously, instead of BidTable use the table you need to edit. And, instead of BidName, use the field that you need to be changed. Just make that field equal itself, while inside the lowercase block.

The WHERE clause is because I'm not sure how many records are in your table. There is a 10,000 Max # of Affected Records limit for tasks and triggers. So, if you have more than that, you will need to break this down into multiple parts. Hopefully your table has an ID, if not, they are easy to add and delete afterwards if you need. Once you run the first task, change the ID values in the WHERE clause to '9999' to '19998', and so on. I usually like to do 9,000 intervals.


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If your account doesn't have triggered action or task (explore plan) what I can suggest is to create a new field on on your table, set its DataType to Formula and use Lower([field]), and convert that new field again to text once done . This is a lot laborious than using task but account with lower subscription plan can use this as an option.

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