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Radio Buttons - how to design the data page




I want to replicate the design of a google form with a radio-button likert scale.

The criteria are 

  • A heading (eg "Knowledge level")
  • Values (1-5) above the radio button
  • lowest and highest descriptor (Poor, outstanding) on either end of the radio buttons

I understand that arranging headings, labels and buttons in a table (using a HTML Block) is a possibility, I just don't know how place the buttons into table fields and like them to the data table

Many thanks in advance


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I have a similar form like this and what I did on the table level was, each question have their own fields and these fields' value are the actual values (1-5). Then, a Formula Field with a CASE statement for each question's answer that will determine what is description of the actual value. For example:

CASE WHEN [@field:Question1] = 1
THEN 'Poor'
WHEN [@field:Question1] = 5
THEN 'Outstanding'

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