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Wildcard in Triggered Actions?!



Hi everyone,

Is there a wildcard function in triggered actions?

I want to extract a number from a string but the number is not always in the same place. e.g. in both "strength of product is x percent" and "product strength x percent" I want to find x. 

I've tried using 'contains', 'find pattern' and 'find substring' but none of them respond to any of the normal wildcards. Surely there is a way to do this without having to have a formula field in the table.

Thanks for your help


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Do you mean the 'Find Pattern' block on the triggered actions?

I was able to use it properly using this as a reference: https://www.w3schools.com/sql/func_sqlserver_patindex.asp

My idea was to first, find the location of the first number using this: 



It should return 5 so I know that the first number is located on the 5th position.

Now this time, reverse the text and use the same formula


Now this will return 7

If we combine them all on this setup:


You can rebuild this on a trigger or use it on a formula field. If you are going to use a formula field approach, replace the 'test1234colmsd' with the field reference of the one carrying the values.



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