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Preview is fast. Deployed is slow.



While developing my DataPage (a Submission Form), clicking Preview loads and renders my form in one or two seconds. :-) When deployed, that same DataPage take seven or eight seconds to load and render. :-( 

Anything I can do to speed up the deployed version?

Any suggestions welcome!


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I created a stripped down submission form—no headers or footers, no lookups, just 14 textareas or checkboxes—and used Chrome’s Developer Tools to measure performance.

WIth the deployed version, I get load times like these




and a waterfall like this



With the Preview, I get load times like these




and a waterfall like this


Why does the deployed version take six or more times as long to load? Why is the waterfall so much different?






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Weird. Can't say I experience that. DataPages might be slow at times but the preview and deployed is pretty much consistent when compared to each other.

Is your account perhaps inside the Sites that they have patched yesterday? That might be a plausible reason. Check here I think its 14 and 11


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Here are the things that I check if I experience slowness in my DataPages that is not mentioned above:

  • Internet connection: Make sure it was stable.
  • Number of dropdowns with lookups (and other field that uses lookups): Make sure that you don't have lookups with large amount of options and/or most of your fields uses it. 
  • File/Image rendering: Lessen or not use to much of files in your DataPage.
  • Complex calculation: You can use the Table's formula or trigger if needed.
  • Complex CSS or JavaScript: If you can simplify them, the better.
  • Embeded iFrame codes: Do not use/add this inside a Datapage as much as possible. 

I hope this helps. :) 

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In addition to @WatashiwaJin's list of things that may affect your DataPage performance, here are my own things that I keep note to ensure that my DataPages are "optimized"

- I limit my dropdown list fields/ cascading field elements/ auto complete to a max of 3. This is just a rough estimation but when you have a lot of choices from lookup table to pull before the actual page to load then it will surely affect your loading time.

- For submission forms, If my user needs to scroll down fully fill-up the form, then it would be best to create a multi step form instead. https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-create-a-multi-page-form/

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