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Trigger logic doesn't make sense?



Hi, hope someone can help me out on this as this is driving me nuts. It might sound stupid but its actually a very simple application of matching.

I am trying to match two numbers in Table 1 (Test) and if they matched, update the result on Table 2 (Test2). My problem is when the number matches, it shows me the result "Not matched" and vice versa. The result is inverse of the logic that I have built. Of course I could live with it, just inverse all the results but I feel that I might be missing something here so hope someone can advise me. As below are the screenshots of both tables and the trigger logic for Test Table. Thanks.







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Hi @Casper,

As far as I understood you need to match numbers on insert and update and insert the status in a different table. What this trigger does, it checks if the ID is already present in the Second table. If NO - then Insert new record with the proper status, if YES - then Update existing record.


Here is tables design as well:

image.png         image.png

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