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Domain Verification



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I'm not sure if anyone completely knows how the Verification works - including Caspio. After multiple talks with support, there seems to be confusion amongst the team about various different things about it. 

From what I have gathered, personally:

Emails should be verified immediately after you enter in the verification code that was sent to the email in question. When going back to Account Settings > Email, the email address should not have 'Unverified Email' next to it. It should be blank. (Caspio should add a 'Verified email' instead of blank)

Verifying a Domain is a more lengthy process. First, you need to configure your DNS settings on your domain and add the records from Caspio. Once these DNS settings propogate, then you can click on 'Process Verification' or whatever the button says. Then it will take anywhere between an hour and 2 days for it to show 'Verified Domain'.

Verifying a domain DOES NOT automatically verify all emails with that domain. For some reason, you still need to verify each individual email address, even if the shared domain between them is verified. 

Not too sure why we need to verify domain. It seems we need to verify each email anyways, so still not too sure what this part is about or what happens if you don't do it. 

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