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Need Parent Data in Child Table



I have two tables one is Parent and another is child. Parent has more columns than Child and Parent doesn't has unique id as well. In parent there are same oder id listed as multiple times with amounts for different products. So i need only one Order Id with sum of amount of all the products in child table. 


Please suggest how to achieve that

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Hello @Rupesh,

Usually, it is a parent table that stores unique values, and a child table that stores multiple values that refer to the unique value from the parent table. 

If you have a child table like this:


And you need to calculate and store the amount of the each order in the parent table like this:


Then it should be possible to do with a Triggered Actions.

Triggered Actions https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/

Caspio Labs: Popular Examples of Triggered Actions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6T1cqg0gnk

The Trigger design depends on your workflow. It depends on the actions that are allowed to the end-users (the data can be inserted, updated, deleted), etc. 


Fell free to update this thread if you need further assistance. 

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If I understand your setup correct, you have multiple records on the Parent table with the same order orderID. What you want is that on the child table, get only the Unique orderids from the parent table with the aggregated value.

Is that the case?

If yes, from the looks of it, its more like that the child table is the parent and the parent table is the child.

Anyway, You will need a task like this:


In my sample, the child table there is the demo_table2

I hope this helps

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