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duplicating Caspio Bridge forms



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I created a form for one of my client. I have another client who would like the same form with minor differences. I don't want to build the form from scratch all over again. Can i copy form in Caspio Bridge?

If you want to copy a DataPage (web form or search form) and link it to the same table as the original form, then you can copy it by clicking on the Edit menu - > Copy. You can also click on the shortcut button located on the upper left hand corner of the page. If you point the mouse over the icons, it will tell you what it's for.

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What if I want to link it to a different table?

As I understand your question, you want to link the form to a different table but the table will have the same structure. If this is the case, what you can do is export the original table as XML and then export the WebForm DataPage. If you are importing it to a new Caspio Bridge account, then all you have to do is import the table and then import the WebForm DataPage. If you want to import it to the same Caspio Bridge account where you had originally exported the table and the WebForm DataPage from, you will need to rename the original table prior to import. Then you will be able to import the table and then the WebForm DataPage accordingly.

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You can view a DataPage’s properties within the wizard in the DataPage DataSource screen where you can see which data source, style, localization, Authentication or Connection is used in this DataPage. You can also create DataPage folders to organize DataPages.

Bulk Actions are available in the DataPages section. You have the ability to deploy, duplicate, move or delete DataPages as a bulk action.

You may refer to this Howto article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/managing-datapages/



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