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Website Builder Best Suited for Caspio



We currently use Weebly to host our pages. However, since the Weebly-Square merger, we have had nothing but problems and are looking for alternatives.

I would like to hear what website builder some of you use and your experiences with them. 

For some insight, our Weebly pages are pretty much 100% custom code with Caspio pages embedded in them. Nothing too complex, just some HTML/CSS/JS. We don't really use any of the elements from the actual Website Builder. 

My client would rather keep using a website builder instead of self-hosting our own pages. Currently, WordPress.com is at the top of our list, but I have also seen a post on here stating Webflow worked well for Caspio Integration. I understand that Wix and GoDaddy are out of the question due to their embedded code going into iFrames.

Any insight is appreciated! 

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19 hours ago, GrumpyRick said:

Webflow works great. Been using it with Caspio for several years.

Thanks @GrumpyRick. I did a bit of research on Webflow and messed with the free account a little bit, and it seems pretty sweet. 

The one downside I saw was the 100 static page limit. However, it seems with the use of Collections, this could be extended by a great deal. Do you by chance use Collection pages on Webflow?

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Hello! I asked Caspio Support about this last year and here is what they said, 


The best third party hosting sites for Caspio are Weebly and WordPress since you can just use the common embed deploy code in deploying your DataPages on these sites even without the WordPress plugin if you will use WordPress. On the other hand, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and Wix are no longer fully supported by Caspio since they already have their own methods for accepting codes and scripts. For example, in some cases, it automatically sets embedding type as iFrame, which prevents features such as parameter passing. 


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