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star rating system function



Any idea when Caspio Bridge will allow users the capability to collect ratings from site visitors using a star system similar to amazon.com and easily allow us to post average ratings based on all ratings for a particular item?

I have a review site but currently am only able to show numbers for individual reviews. Also the visual of a star system would be nicer than just numbers in a form.


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Yes, there are ways to do this.

I assume you already have the averages figured out and that you round the average ratings to whole numbers. Create a table with two fields: \"rating\" and \"icon\". This will be your RatingMap table. The \"rating\" field will have all possible whole number ratings and the icon field should contain a properly formed html img tag of the corresponding icon for that rating. Something like this:

RatingMap table
rating       icon
1              <img src=\"http://mysite.com/1.gif\">
2              <img src=\"http://mysite.com/2.gif\">

For displaying your reviews create a view between this table and your review table based on the rating field. Instead of displaying the rating number now you can display the icon field and have it render as HTML.

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