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Data Base Design Set-Up



I need to set-up a system that allows me to have clients register with an database their information. The information they would need to register includes 5 variables almost all of which the customer would choose one or more options that matches their company offerings. Essentially, creating a company profile.

Now, when an end user comes to the site, I want to have a multi-select search box that ultimately matches them with the correct company profiles.


Company profile chooses:

State: A, B, C and D

City: X, Y and Z

Product: 1, 2, 3 & 7

Service: 1a, 2b, 3c

End User selects:

State: C

City: Y

Product 1

The search then produces a result with the matching company (or companies) profile(s).

In reality, some of the company profile questions can have over 100 choices. The results that the end user selects must match at least one of the selections in each of the company variables. One match in 3 of the variable would not be a match. Must be a 3 to 3 variable match. However, if the company chooses multiple criteria in one variable, the end user need only select any one of the chooses in that variable.

I hope that makes sense and look forward to any help you can offer!


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Dear Pat,

What you are trying to do is possible with Caspio Bridge Search and Report. I would recommend you to sign up for a 14 days free trial account and see how easy you could build the table and a Search and Report form based on that. So basically you need first to build a Web Form to get the information from Companies and store in the table, please watch the tutorial at http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting- ... /web-form/

Then you could build a Search and Report DataPage and setup the search fields the way you would like to search like multi-select listboxes for multiple selection search criteria, please watch the tutorial at http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting- ... eport.html

Try these out and we also have free technical support via live chat, email, ticket, and phone calls. Please let us know should you have nay other question.


Bahar M.

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