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Creating a logout button

el wretcho


Firstly, congratulations on the ease with which web user authentication can be set up. Very easy, very quick. However, am I missing something when it comes to logging out? It seems that the only way to log out of a Caspio Bridge app is to close the browser. I can, apparently, set a time limit on the sessions, but I need my users to have more flexibility than this.

I need a prominent logout button available on most of the html pages. I need users to be able to logout of the application quickly and securely, but I can't expect them to close their browsers. They are likely to have other web apps open.

How can I provide a selectable logout button or link?

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Thank you for your feedback, you can find the logout link (URL) in the authentication wizard (see the attachment). You just need to copy the link and paste it in the header/footer or HTML block of your DataPage or any other place in your HTML page source as below:



Bahar M.

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I know this original question is old, but newbie here.

This functionality does not seem to be working properly.  I have been able to get the logout button to show up, but after clicking on it, a new web browser tab opens with the login screen again.  The original window screen stays open, which is still logged in. 

What is the correct code needed to log out, but not open a new browser tab?  Here is the code I am currently using : <a href="http://b6.caspio.com/folderlogout/">Logout</a>

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Hi @SCUSDYouth

Try to copy again the logout link: In the Authentications listing, click Properties of an Authentication that is used for the DataPage for which you will later add the logout link.

I just want to add these helpful links and a video tutorial about the logout link:


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