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Triggered Action - send email when a checkbox deselected on update DP



Hello.  I have a basic directory table and DP with a Yes/No checkbox field indicating a person is Active. 

When a person leaves, the checkmark is deselected, rendering them Inactive. 

I have a seemingly basic triggered action to send an email out when a person in the directory becomes inactive (checkbox deselected) during an update.  But it doesn't seem to work.  Not sure what is incorrect here.  First part is another trigger that is working correctly.

Table = EM Directory
Field = Active (Yes/No field)




Thanks all!

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Heyaa @roattw! I tried your set-up but it seems to be working well


A couple of things I check when my trigger is not working even though I'm sure the configuration is correct are the following:

- have I saved the recent changes I made to the trigger?

- am I using the correct table on my dp or the table where my trigger is?

- check email logs if the email actually went through

- is the email in my spam/junk folder?


If all else fails, I reach out to support :D


I hope this helps! Hopefully, you get to resolve it soon ╭m(◎◞◎)m╮

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1 hour ago, roattw said:

Thanks for the reply.   It turns out I had reached a daily limit on triggered action emails!  So I couldn't test the action until next day when the limit reset!  

Side note, you can actually reach out to your customer success manager if you want to increase your daily limit. There's just some extra considerations you have to keep in mind but it's pretty easy to have them increase your account's daily email limit.

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