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using fields in Javascript

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This JavaScript is on which page. If it is on the details page, then you need to change the line

var s2=document.getElementById("InsertRecordUtstyr")


var s2=document.getElementById("EditRecordUtstyr")

If this JavaScript is in the HTML DataPage, that you open after the Search and Report DataPage then you do not need to use getElementById. You can replace this line

var s2=document.getElementById("InsertRecordUtstyr")


var s2=[@Utstyr];

Hope this helps.


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1. You donot need to have and

tags in the HTML block.

2. A few errors in JavaScript

See the corrected one here:

var s1="<!--https://b3.caspio.com/dpImages.asp?appk ... 9b8&file=";

var s2=document.getElementById("EditRecordUtstyr").value;

var s3="'/>";

var s4= s1.concat(s2,s3);


3. If you have an image stored within Caspio then there is no URL for the image and you cannot access it through a URL. Its better if you store Images on your own server and then access them via absolute URL.

So the variable s1 has the absolute URL to the image stored on your server.

Hope this helps,


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