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How to allow Time Format to input



I have a table containing some date/time fields which i need to have time recorded ( such as 09:30) for a timesheet application

I have modified my localisation file and set Date/Time Output Time to Custom Format HH:mm

However in the datapage is I try and enter 09:30 I get the message: Must be a date -idiot! ( I added Idiot to the localisation field to prove that it is being referenced)

What am I not understanding??

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That's right. The localization is for custom display purpose but not for the data entry. A Date/Time field can store either Date or Date plus Time but it can not store Time only. This is a feature we can add to the list for future considerations. For now if you would like to only store time you can choose text 255 however you will lose chronological sort capability.


Bahar M.

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