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Client Login For Ordering



I would like to setup an app where one client can login and then see a form to complete with a list of specific products. When they have selected the products, colours, sizes etc... they can also put in a delivery address and then submit. Our office would like to then receive an email with users login name, the required items as per the form and the delivery address.....

We would like to just have a page called clients login from our site where this client can login from....

Is this possible and how easy is it to do as only got thill Thursday to get this working !!!!


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Without the payment process, what you have described can easily been done by applying standard features in Caspio.

You will need to create a Capture Form, which is used for your clients to submit their order. Enable notification email, which sends out email(s) to specific email address(es) when a form is submitted. To enable your clients to login before they accessing the DataPage, you can apply the authentication on a folder outside the DataPage which will creates the login screen and checks the user name and password.

Here are the useful resources for your reference.

Overview of Caspio Platform: http://www.caspio.com/video-tutorials/default.asp

Steps to build a Web Form: http://www.caspio.com/video-tutorials/b ... -forms.asp

Notification email: http://howto.caspio.com/automatic-email ... mails.html

and Web User Authentication: http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... ntication/

Hope this helps. For your information, you can also receive a free project consultation by filling in the request form at http://www.caspio.com/services/project-consultation.asp

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When you want to accept payments in your application, connect the application to a payment gateway like PayPal Express and Stripe. First, you create a payment processor that connects Caspio to a payment gateway. Next, you add and configure the payment option in a Submission Form of your application. Here's more: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/accepting-payments-in-your-application/


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