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Keep Search Parameters to Return to the Filtered List



Page 1 (screenshots included) allows the user to search records and the records are returned in a table below the search. The user can then click to update a record from the list and they go to Page 2. Page 2 is not a details page, it is it's own datapage. I want to have a link that sends the user back to Page 1 with the existing search parameters they previously entered. The user can also get to Page 1 through another link in the menu, but I do not want the search parameters to pass if the user uses the menu link, only if they use a back button specifically added to return the user back to the search results. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Page 1.png

Page 2.png

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Just an idea that came to my head.

You might be able to capture the search filters that the user has entered in parameters. Send those parameters to the faux "Details" page. You'll also need to let your search fields on the search form to accept parameters on load.

The Back button on the Details page links to the search form with the query string parameters that were captured from the search form.

The search form will receive the parameters from the back button. Then you can use this little workflow in my forum post to submit the search form if there are parameters present, or act normal if not. That way, the back button will send parameters and auto-search, while the link on the menu just takes you straight to the search form with no parameters, so it acts normal.

Might need to add the ?cbResetParam=1 to your link on the menu if you go this route, to make sure there are no parameters present when using the menu link, so it doesn't autosearch.


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