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Triggered action stopped working




This triggered action had been working nicely. I can't work out why now it suddenly won't work. Is there something wrong with the code below, or do I need to dig deeper into the underlying data tables? I've recreated the trigger to try to troubleshoot but couldn't pin the problem down.



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I am not able to see errors on that triggered action but the screenshot is not showing it all. Is the triggered action not triggering at all or it is showing a run error? Normally when that happens I just check the tables that the trigger is referencing to see what I have changed recently or I try to disable blocks of the triggering action until I find out which block is causing the problem. 

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I'm afraid that the screenshot you have provided would be insufficient to check this issue. As it is, I don't see any issues with it.

For now, I would only suggest that you check into the BadgePassport table as well. Does it also have a trigger? If yes, disable it and see if this trigger will now work properly.

Keep an eye on the formula fields too.

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