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Many forms to many tables using triggered actions/



HI All,

We have a group of clients that all want their own form to fill in their own data.  We want those forms to fill copy entries to two other tables.  One will be a master table (Cleaned) and the other we are hoping to have a table that shows every input including deletion from the second table.  

So each partner will have their personal data.  Then we will have a master table that combines all partners' data into one which is being cleaned for duplicate submissions by different partners.  The 3rd will be a master that will keep everyone data without being cleaned of duplicates.  

Can anybody walk me through if this is possible. 

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Just to verify, how many tables are there exactly?

From what I understand, you have two tables. 

The first is the base table, where all the submissions are occurring, and the second one is a table where it will only take the unique records from the first table.

In that case, try this: 


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By the way,  Should you wish to proceed with my suggestions above, just make sure you don't have an active 'Insert' Trigger in the 'Master' table. 

The trigger in the deletion from master table will cascade to the trigger on insert at the base table, which will then insert back to the 'master' table. It will exceed your nested level limit.

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