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JS to display message when 'Closed' selected in dropdown

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Hi, very new to Caspio and would appreciate any assistance.

I need to generate a dialogue box when a dropdown is changed to a certain condition.

Dropdown field name is 'Status'. When 'Closed' is selected from dropdown I need a pop-up to appear and display a warning box along the lines of 'This job will be closed when form is submitted'. The box just needs an 'OK' as it's simply a warning to the user.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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You have this code in the footer of the submission page:



function show(){
var e = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDropDownFIELDNAME");
var strUser = e.options[e.selectedIndex].value;
if (strUser == "closed")
{alert("It will be closed.")


You need to replace "DropDownFIELDNAME" with the actual dropdown field name. And if it is an update or details page you need to replace "InsertRecordDropDownFIELDNAME" with "EditRecordDropDownFIELDNAME"


Good Luck   :P   :P   :P

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10 minutes ago, aquintanilla said:

Hi! Can I use a virtual in the " FIELDNAME"? Or does it has to be an actual field?


You should be able to. Instead of "InsertRecordFIELDNAME" you would do "cbParamVirtualNUMBER", where NUMBER is the number of the Virtual Field you are using (in the DP Wizard, they show up like Virtual12, you would use cbParamVirtual12).

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