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Best way to SUM up times?




i really like Caspio bridge and looking forward to learn some more. For now I'm a bit stuck..

What would be best way to SUM up times?

I have times in column like this..





..and I like to SUM these to get:

Total: 21:24

I have used calcFields in column to get my timeDiff. I know that Aggregate function for times is not possible for Summing times. I understand some basic java, but really dont know where to start or how to implement it in Caspio.

Could someone please give me a direction where to start and what really is the best way to go?

Thanks a lot!

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It is complex to sum the time in DataPage level. It is possible by extra programming. But you need to get all the records' values, calculate them, and then display the results.

A simple workaround is to separate time field to two fields: one field for hours, another field for minutes. So there are two columns in the table

hours | mins


2 | 23

7 | 56

11 | 05

And then calculate them in the aggregate field. Please insert the following formula:

cast((SUM(hours) + cast(SUM(mins)/60 as int)) as varchar) + ':' + cast((SUM(mins) - cast(SUM(mins)/60 as int)*60) as varchar)

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