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Can't Login To Caspio With Chrome



I was trying to set up a sub account for access to my Caspio account.  After setting it up, I tried using the sub account user name and password.  Caspio gave me an error message telling me the information was not valid.  When I tried logging back in as myself (admin), when I hit submit, the screen cleared my data, but did not open a Bridge window.  I can't seem to access Bridge now using Chrome.  I have cleared my cache, closed the browser and restarted my computer, but the problem persists.  I can access my account through Safari,  but would like to resolve the Chrome problem.



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Hi tclemendor,


I think your issue related to old session cookie. Please try remove all cookies for following domains: caspio.net, caspio.com and all subdomains (i.e. bridge.caspio.net)


Settings -> "Show advanced settings..." -> Privacy (Content settings) -> "All cookies and site data..." -> add filter by Caspio


Hope it's help

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