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Newbie Needs Basic Help



My question is probably very basic and there is no Caspio for Dummies.  


I have written some tables and data pages and it is time to deploy.  I want a stand-alone login page, so I created a login form, a larger user form, an authentication, and I checked auto login for other forms.


I understood that for deployment I am to create my webpages with my colors, logo, and some web navigation in my web-publication service (Wix, in my case) and then deploy Caspio information inside the webpages in smaller areas.  However, that understanding was challenged when I tried to define a URL after successful login.  When I did that, there was a tiny version of the URL inside the small login window I created.  It does not advance my website to the new URL, just the Caspio window.


Somebody help - is Caspio designed to be the entire webpage or is it just a small, embedded tool within my website?  If I define a URL after successful login, is it advancing my overall website to the new page, or is it just advancing the Caspio datapages to a new URL?  I believe it is advancing the entire website, but it is not working.  Help would be appreciated.

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Hello catchall!

The "URL after successful login" defines, what a user, will see if she/he enters correct login-password.
But the Authentication doesn't "close" the whole page, only the embedded area. 
So, I will try to write a scenario, how it works:
1) Create two pages, EnterPage and InnerPage.
2) Create an Authentication, enter the URL of EnterPage to "Redirection on success" (relative or full)
3) Assign both pages with the Authentication.
Now, when a user enters URL, e.g., of InnerPage, he sees all HTML code, that is placed above the embedded DataPage, the Login Form and all HTML code, that is placed under the embedded DataPage.
When a user enters correct login and password, the EnterPage opens.
If you need "to close" a whole page, probably, you need to move the HTML code to the DataPage.
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