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Conditional Background Color Change

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Hello Senicholas, 

Try to implement it this way:

function f_color(){
var myVal = parseInt(document.getElementById('ID').value);
if (myVal > 7) {
document.getElementById('ID').style.color = "red";
document.getElementById('ID').onchange= f_color;
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Hi senicholas,

If you use a Report DataPage, I hope the following JavaScript can help:

var elems = document.getElementsByTagName("td");
for (var i=0, m=elems.length; i<m; i++) {
if (elems[i].innerHTML>7)
  { elems[i].style.color="red";}

The code checks all valaues and make the color "red", if the value is more than 7.

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You can create a Calculated field and use Case When Formula to compare the fields. Then, apply a script in the Footer to highlight the column based on the result of the Calculated field.

To hide the Calculated field, you can use the code here:


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