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Passing Info From Search Page To Results Page - And Back



I have set up a Caspio datasheet report with a search page, a results page, and a detail page.  My search page uses three sets of radio buttons to control the search, and they work fine.  However I can't figure out how to implement my next step.  I want the top of the results page (header?) to show what choices the user made.  Then I want those buttons to still be selected if the user chooses to "search again."


Although Caspio documentation is impressive, I can't seem to find "the big picture" that shows how to put the pieces together.  And in the absence of working samples I can't figure out where to put my JS to accomplish what I want - in the sequence that I want.  In other words - I have no idea what to do.


Does anyone have a suggestion for how this should be approached?


Any suggestion for documentation that discusses the issues of timing and data availability between the different pages?

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I've been working with the separated Search and Results pages, and logically it seems to be the way to go.  Haven't been able to actually make them work yet, so I assume I've done something wrong.


Does anyone know how to display the parameters that are actually being passed?

My parameters are [@Day], [@Meal] and [@Loc], 

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Thanks, Jan.  I was able to put a simple document.write command in the header of the results page, and apparently it is receiving nulls from the search page.  I'll go back and review the settings on the search page and see if I can spot what I did wrong.

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