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Localization For Calendar Pop-Up Date

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Hi everyone. I need to change the format of the pop-up selector in a datapage or even for the whole app. I have changed the localization of the date/time to the format I want 9/27/2014 when I click a date in a calendar pop-up. However, even though I have set the localization for this format, it adds a 0 in front of all the months that are one digit. No matter what I can not get the format to change on a calendar pop-up. Where do I change the calendar pop-up format to 9/27/2014 instead of 09/27/2014 (this is what it does)



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Hello cpcbsa,


As far as I know, in Localization you can define the Output format of a date. You can define only the order of days and months, for example, "dd/mm/yyyy" or "mm/dd/yyyy" for the Input format. 

I think, you can try the following script (it is better to add a Header&Footer element and enter the code to the Footer):

function deleteZero()
var enteredValue = document.getElementById("InsertRecordfildename").value;
if (enteredValue.substr(0,1) == '0')
         document.getElementById("InsertRecordfildename").value = enteredValue.substr(1);

This script deletes the first zero, if it present.

Please, enter name of your field instead of fildename in "InsertRecordfildename".


I hope it helps.

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