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Displaying The Most Recent Records Based On A Field



Hello everyone.


I am looking to be able to filter a result table to only show the most recent record of each type.


In this instance it is based on certifications.


The relationships in my table are Employee>certifications>trainings


Lets say Employee Joe Smith has 6 certifications, each of these has been recertified (training) 4 times.


I would like to be able to display one table or even one row that shows only the most recent date that each certification was redone. Ideally this would be in a table grouped by certification type (for example: Forklift training, First Aid, CPR, Ergonomic Lifting).


I know that one way to do it would be to have multiple data pages that are limited to one result as the latest date, and filter it by certification type. However, that could end up with over 15 datapages being deployed on one page and will eat through them quickly as our customers add certifications they would like to track in this snapshot view.


Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.



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