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Resetting Virtual Fields With Button?

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Good afternoon,


I have made a few search pages with the method outlined here. These are working fantastic, but I would like a button to allow users to clear out the form and the method here has no effect whatsoever.



I have not deployed the version with the reset button so please let me know if this is just a feature that does not work in previews.



Thank you for your time,



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Hello DataCobalt,


I am not sure that I have found the best solution, but it seems, it works.


You can use two Java Scripts.

Add the following code to the Header of your DataPage:

var site_URL = "URL_OF_YOUR_PAGE";
var is_it_reset = window.location.search;
if (is_it_reset.indexOf("cbResetParam") > -1)
{ window.location = site_URL; }

Please insert the correct URL of your site in format http://mysite.com

And add the following code to the HTML block where the Reset button will be displayed:

<input type="reset" value="Reset" id="reset_button">

function reset_data()
var site_URL = "URL_OF_YOUR_PAGE" + "?cbResetParam=1";
window.location = site_URL;

Please insert the correct URL and make sure, that the correct sign is used in the "?cbResetParam=1"

If parameters are used in your URL, it means, the "?" sign already present in the URL, then "&cbResetParam=1"

If no parameters and no "&" signs is used, then "?cbResetParam=1"


I hope, it helps!

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