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Default Choice In Dropdown



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Hi Parma2015,


To set the default value by a parameter value you can enable 'On load' option by checking the 'Receive value or parameter' on the 'Advanced' tab. Select a default value or parameter from this dropdown and enter a parameter name to receive parameters.


Please refer to this article for further information: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/receiving-parameters/.


Hope it helps.

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Thanks! In this case, I have an "transport order" table (IntOrders) with a defined vendor and where it's possible to submit many transports ralated to one order by submitting them to a table (IntOrderLines). In the submission Form, I have a dropdown where the user select an order to sumit to, and based on that selection, I want the vendor defined on the order to be set as default. However, I want to make it possible to change vendor on one specific transport (submission). That's why I want a dropdown where the dafault value is set based on another selection. I've tried the tip with parameret, but I can't receive a parameter "on load" when I a m usin a cascading dropdown.


I had an Idea described below:

May be I could use SQL to pull the default value from the order table, and then set that value as default?

In that case I need a little help with the exact syntax to do so. If this is possible, the SQL itself would be something like this: "SELECT VendID FROM IntOrders WHERE IntOrders.OrderID = [@field.OrderID". Then, how do I pass the value VendID as a default value to the dropdown "VendID" ?


I also had a session with support regarding this case, but I am not quite happy with the solution (I ended up with first a new dropdown to select whether or not the user want to change vendor. If "Yes" is selected in this one, another dropdown appears (Rule) where the new vendor is selected. Then there is a script that submits the default or the new vendor based on the selection oof "Yes" or "No") . I really hope that there is a more elegant solution to this one :-)

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