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Friendly Link For Files




I'm using Caspio's "File" Data Type? and I'd like to dynamically link to the uploaded files.


Is there a way to find a "friendly" link for the files uploaded using the Caspio "File" Data Type?


By "friendly" I mean the FileName and/or FilePath is visible?


Rather than unfriendly:





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Thanks for your message. Let's do it out here so everybody can see the Q&A.


Hey Chad, could surely use your help


We are unable to display a stored image file in Caspio bridge.


Have tried all sorts of urls but keep getting "File Or Directory Unknown"


How does one get the fileid of an image store din caspio


WHat is the correct friendly way to display an image or file stored in the bridge.


Here is a link which used to work, but no longer works :(

This image exists at the path and the app key is the datapage key which displays the results



Thanks !

Your path looks good.

Two things to check.


If it was working, then stopped... check to make sure the DataPage you're sharing these images from DOES NOT require authentication. (something it may not have required when it worked)


I also notice your Account Subdomain [Caspio account settings > c2eku***.caspio.com] in use as the domain.

I use my Caspio Site [Caspio account settings > b5.caspio.com] as the bdomain for this link.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for taking the time !


Will try the site account settings in the URL format.

finally figured out what the problem is after many hours of messing around .

Heres what I found out

originalimage.jpg (path) is stored in table 1 (file field)
lets say fileID is : 0000

If the filefield  is set to : Upload New File / (Automatically create a unique name) 
And,If a user uploads a file with the SAME NAME ,
originalimage_1.jpg is created 

but the Original Image fileID NOW will change  : 

originalimage.jpg : 0001 << increased by1 and changed
originalimage_2.jpg : 0002


This was what was breaking the URL 


so basically the URL becomes invalid , because it is tied to the fileID of the image.

when the fileid changes, the url cannot find the image because it is still tied to the original file id



Thanks for the zapier tip, will try it out and seems like a great way to store images with aws..


Best !!~

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