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I have two kinds of Budget items.

table 1: Budget

child table 1: Services

child table 2: Check Requests


When I report on Budget items, I want to see Services and Check Requests on separate rows in the same View, like this:


budget#  -  service#  -  checkrequest#  -  amount


22  -  15  -  NULL  -  $50

22  -  NULL  -  7  -  $50


Budget1 Total=$100


Should I combine child tables 1 and 2? Or is there a way to join them to Budgets so that they can appear on separate rows, as in above?

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I realized I left out an important point: my 2 kinds of budget items are pretty different. several fields that pertain to one, don't pertain to the other, and I left those out of my example. But in the end, I want each one to have a line on the Budget report.

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Hello aam82,


Could you unite fields of "Services" and "Check Requests" in one table? It seems, it is the easiest way.

You can use the same DataSource for "Services" and "Check Requests" Submission Forms, but use only "its" fields.

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You can also call the other values using the connected ID(foreign key) and you can get the overall total using a calculated field or/and Totals and Aggregation.

Check this documentation for further details:



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