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Calculation From Aggregation


I'm a little uncertain how this can be done. What I have essentially, is a lookup table that is combined in a view with a large spreadsheet. The lookup table indicates a target value that is matched up in the view to the spreadsheet based upon the initials of a person. The view is then used in a data page. However, in the data page I'd like to calculate the difference between the target (extracted from the lookup table to the view) with an aggregation that uses the SUM for the individual initials having records in the spreadsheet. It appears the data page doesn't allow the aggregated fields to be compared. My question then becomes how to perform a calculation that determines the difference between an aggregation computed from calculated fields in a data page, with a static target number that is merged from a lookup table into a view. I can show the two values side by side in a visualization but cannot figure out how to make a new field representing the difference between the target and the aggregation (the aggregation representing tha actual productivity of the individual).



To clarify, this could be achieved if the view that merged the lookup table with the overall table only inserted the quantity once for the group of records matching by individual initials, and left the rest values 0. However, that workaround doesn't seem to be possible. Perhaps there's some intermediary step that I'm missing or some other programmatic way to make a calculation between two different aggregations.

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