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Passing All The Values Without Selecting Them Using List-Box





I have filtered multiple parameters using a virtual filed and a cascading listbox. Now I would like to pass all the values /parameters ( anywhere between 1 to 30) using an auto-submit script.


I wonder how easy this is to achieve? Will appreciate any heads up!


Thanks in advance.



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Hi ezIQ,


Thanks for your message. Unless I am missing something, what you have suggested refers to passing of A parameter. Whereas I am looking for a solution to pass multiple parameters at once (up to 20 different values). Using virtual : cascading listbox, a group of values will be filtered which will be then passed on to an another data page for second degree of filtering. 


Hope this explains.


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Hi skauntey,


Is it a Submission form?

If I understand correctly, virtual field and a listbox are placed on the same Datapage, where the AutoSubmit script is placed, is it correct?

And if the parameter will be like "one,second,third" - does it work for you?


Sorry for many questions, but there are too many variants of answers.

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Hi Jan


Yes you are correct, AutoSubmit Script and Virtual field (which is a listbox) are on a same Datapage. 


In reference to your question about "One, Second, Third etc.." Since communication is happening between two data pages (sender with an auto-submit script and receiver with gallery/report page) structuring of parameters should be the one that machine easily understands


Hope this helps.

Thanks in advance

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