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Passing Parameters From A Report



I have a lookup table that lists several (around 20) items to check off in a to-do list where the table is named “todo†with  fields setup as  todo_Num (integer), todo_Item(integer) todo_Desc(text) and todo_Cat(text). I also have a “todo_complete†table with the fields of Comp_Num (integer), todo_num(integer), Fin(checkbox) and Explain(text).
I have been able to setup a submission form with virtual1 field displaying the todo Descriptions in a dropdown with 2virt fields cascading the todo_Num and todo_Item, from todo_desc then linking to the todo_complete table. Unfortunately the dropdown and listbox  do not display the desired user experience. I would like to list all todo items displayed as a check-off list. Where after checking an item on the list, the user can fill out an explanation of actions taken and that the item has been repaired. 

I have been able to show the full todo table rows in a report form (much cleaner) but am unable to pass the [@todo_Item] (and/or the other parameters) to the "todo_Comp" table submit form in an Iframe.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I had originally used the example as shown in the "Build an Inspections Management Application"

 http://howto.caspio.com/pre-recorded-live-training/build-an-inspections-management-application/ unfortunately Neds solution does not allow the option of adding tasks to the list without going into the Inspections table and creating new fields for that task. I also believe this structure would fail normalization in my situation, with multiple fields being dependent of others in the table. (for example the fields.. todo_Item, Number_of_Light_Bulbs_Broken and Action_Taken would be associated with each other). Much cleaner to hold the results in a separate "todo_complete" table.

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As I understand after user checks to do list Items user should be able to add explanation in "todo_complete" table. Can one todo_Num have more than one line in todo_complete table? Meaning is there a one to many relationship between these tables? If not then you should be able to combine these two tables together,

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Thank you for the response MayMusic.

After looking at the tables in the Caspio relationship “builder†page I came to the conclusion that the tables represent a many to many relationship. One “todo_Num†can have many “Comp_Num†and one “Comp_Num†can have many “todo_Num†Thus requiring a  linking table.

To ease my mind of all these todo’s, and not knowing how to join a many to many relationship. I decided to revert to my first approach of having a submission form using a listbox displaying all todo’s in the “todo†table as a lookup. Then the user selects each item individually from the listbox then submits to a detail form whether the item needs attention and if so explain to the “todo_Complete†table, assigning the same todo_Num to each item for the corresponding session. (not the preferred approach, but I had to move forward with the knowledge that I have to work with).


This brings me to the next challenge of making a individual listbox item fake a submit click when the user selects the item from the listbox.
I found ezIQ’s solution in the http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/5438-how-do-you-make-a-dropdown-from-a-search-page-filter-a-results-page-without-pressing-search-button/?hl=required#entry17107 but cannot figure out what value to use for ‘dropdownID’ in the…
document.getElementById(’dropdownID’) statement. The element that holds the listbox on my submission form is Virtual2 and the listbox references todo_Desc
I tried replacing 'dropdownID' with 'InsertRecordtodo_Desc' the name of the listbox field, to no avail.
Guess I need to post to the above mentioned thread or start a new one.

I am in hopes of finding a cleaner way to present the todo list items to the user, in a way that displays the items in a item by item check list.  


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