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Show Image When Onmouseove The Link

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Hi Michelle, 


This can be done with using javascript. 


1) You should add HTML block with a link name and paste the following code: 

<a href="[@field:Picture/]" onmouseout="closewindow()" onmouseover="openwindow()">LINK NAME</a>

2) Insert the code into the Footer: 

<script language="Javascript">
var popup;
function openwindow()
popup = window.open("[@field:Picture/]","mywindow", "menubar=1,resizable=1,width=500,height=500");
function closewindow()

This is a work around. It opens an image in a Pop Up window. 


There is also a solution on Casipo's HOW_TO that allows to open images in the lightbox:






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Hi! I did a google search and found that this code was working fine:

<a href=" " title="[@field:Comment]">Tekst</a>

I have a field with Comment (Field name = "Comment", and the link is named "Tekst".

When I hover over "Tekst", a pop-up window shows the content of the field "Comment"

No need for any Javascript here :-)



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