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Changing labelnames by the end user

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Hi Willem,

how are you? :)

Yes, it's possible to change field names depending on user's input. For example, when user enter his name, we can add his name to the label.

                label                                  value

1st field:  First Name                              John

2nd field: John, enter your last name     ______

3rd field: John, enter your age              ______

Try using the following script for this purpose:


var input = document.getElementById('InsertRecordFirstName');
var labels = document.querySelectorAll('label');

function changeLabels (){
      for (var i = 0; i < labels.length; i++) {
       labels[i].textContent = input.value + labels[i].textContent ;

input.addEventListener('change', changeLabels);


Please replace "FirstName"  with your field name in the script.

Hope it helps!



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Hi MayMusic,

I've changed the script a little bit. Try using the following script:


var input = document.getElementById('InsertRecordFirst_field');
var labels = document.querySelector('label[for="InsertRecordSecond_field"]');

function changeLabels (){
       labels.textContent = input.value +" " +labels.textContent  ;


input.addEventListener('change', changeLabels);

Please replace First_field and Second_field with your field names.

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