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Spacing issues with logo and fields

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I have an issue where displaying the logo is limiting the design of a particular page.

In the image below, I would like to have the logo displayed just under the second column "Public Profile" but at the top. If i move it there, the fields "legal name" "EIN" and "federation" are shifted  to align with the next row below the logo field, so the extra space you currently at the bottom appears at the top.

I believe this is due to the cell spacing and the fact that the logo is in one row, thus I cannot have multiple fields in that same row on the left column. Is there a way to have the logo at the top but not shift the left side column at all?

I hope this made sense.


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Here is a second attempt. The file has been moved to the top but as you can see it is creating space between the legal name and the EIN. Ideally there would be no space there, and the left hand column would be moved up where maybe the Legal name, EIN and Federation take up the place to the left of the logo.


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