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Add multiple tables (or categories) to a datapage



Hi All,

I'm trying to implement a data page report that pulls search results from 4 different tables (or categories). 

For example, on my search page I need to have four different columns of radio buttons that someone can choose from in succession. The results of the 4 choices will result in a report after hitting the submit button. So basically all 4 categories need to be combined behind the scenes to produce the results.

Like narrowing down search results based on criteria (Car Make>Car Style>Car Color>Car Engine) results in only cars that match all four selections.

IMPORTANT - When I add new listings in the backend the above choices must be part of my "Add new listing" submission form.

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You may create a view to join 4 tables. You may read more about views at:


Then use this view as a data source for a report datapage. 


Regarding your requirement with submitting data in 4 tables. You саn submit data using a submission form only in one table. However there is a workaround. You may create a multi-step workflow.

E.g. User submit data in one table then he will be redirected to another submission form where user will be able to fill out data for another table and so on. Please note, you should pass a value of a unique field to every table, because based on that field you will be able to join tables in a view. This value should be generated during first submission. You can read more about parameters at:  http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/passing-parameters/


You may take a look at the following solution: 


In this case only one table is used, however I think, you will catch the idea.

Hope it helps. 


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