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2 Functions of Submit button

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Hi NeoJS,

To log out the DataPage automatically upon submission, please do the following:

  1. Create a Header and Footer on your DataPage, if you have not done so.
  2. Then, put the code shown below inside the footer. Please make sure that the Source button in the editor is enabled.
<script type="text/javascript">
    // Form submission status
    var formSubmitted = false;

    // TODO: Put your actual logout URL here -->
    var logoutUrl = "https://YOUR_CASPIO_SITE/folderlogout";

    // TODO: Put your desired check-up duration here (in secs.) -->
    var timeOutSecs  = 1;
    var timeOutMsec  = timeOutSecs * 1000;

    var confirmationMessage = document.getElementsByClassName("cbConfirmationMessages")[0];
    if (confirmationMessage)
       formSubmitted = true;

    // Regularly checks if the form has been submitted
             * NOTE:
             *     It only gets executed if the form has
             *     been submitted successfully. If not,
             *     the user will see the form again, with
             *     the required fields highlighted.
            if (formSubmitted)
                alert("This page will log out automatically after " + timeOutSecs + " sec(s).");
                window.location.href = logoutUrl;
                return false;



NOTE: This solution is only applicable on submission DataPages whose Destination Page is set to Display a Message. System limitations prevent us from applying an auto-logout behavior on DataPages which redirect to a new page or a new DataPage.



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