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Copying Records from a report into new records



I have a list report where i can edit records.  I would like to be able to edit the records, but when I save them, I don't want to update the previous ones.  I would like to save them as a new set of records.

In a way I would like to be able to "transform" a report table into a submission form.  The reason I am doing it this way is because a submission form has a fix number of fields, and it submits one row at a time.  In my case I may already have defined some events, and some of them may have a few records or rows in the report and others may have more.  Once I make changes to the rows I would like to submit them at the same time.





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I don't think this isn't directly possible with a Caspio Form.


I think what you need here is two DataPages

1 - a report that lists the records you want to duplicate. Add an HTML Block that links to another page with a submission form. Pass the params you want in the link.

<a href="someOtherPage.html?Param1=[@field:DataField1]&Param2=[@field:DataField2]&Param3=[@field:DataField3]&Param4=[@field:DataField4]">

2 - a submission form that gets values from "External Data" Field1 = [@Param1]

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