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Same record returned multiple times in report



I have a separate search datapage and report datapage, the search has three listboxes which a user can choose an option from (only the first listbox is required the other two are optional). 

I have embedded the datapages on the same web page and each time I choose either one or all of the three listbox options the resulting records are repeated three times in the report.

Can anyone advise on why this might be happening? I have tried having just one filter on the report datapage but the records are still shown three times.

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I suppose you need to check condition when you receive a parameter in the predefined criteria on the Configure Filtering Fields of the report (advanced tab) 

Try using If empty, ignore criteria  option. It means if you leave this field blank, you will get all the values on report in that field. But if you enter value in that field, you will get only records containing entered value. 

Also you may check comparison type (on the standard tab). Try using 'equal' or 'contains'. If you select equal - you should enter full value in the search field to find it in the report. If you select contains - you will get values even if you enter the value partly. E.g. if you have John in the field, you may enter Jo and you will get all the values containing  Jo in the field.


Please feel free to ask if something is not clear enough.



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