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Conditionally hide column in tabular report

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I would like to hide a column in a tabular report IF it meets a specific criteria. I have looked at several forum posts including the following: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-dynamically-change-the-background-of-a-results-page/?_ga=1.209653078.530491687.1457713192 and

 Currently I have the following script added to the footer:

var isi = document.getElementById("visi[@field:CFC_zones_OPM_Name]");
if('[@authfield:User_Table_WGAusers_Access_Level]' == 'Finance'){
isi.style.display = 'none';

Help would be appreciated.

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To hide particular columns (and column header) in tabular report page, add the following codes to the header and the footer

This goes in header:
#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(3)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(3)  {display: none;}

#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(4)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(4)  {display: none;}

#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(5)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(5)  {display: none;}

<div id="target">

Add this to the footer:

The above style will hide columns 3,4 & 5. The number in table:nth-of-type(2)  depends on your result page design. If your result table is the first on the result page (case when you don't have download, or sort by dropdown or has a search form), this number should be 1. If you have download or sort by, or pre-defined criteria this number should be 2.

Number in td:nth-of-type(3) shows which column you want to hide. 1 refers to the first column, 2 second column and so on..


You might be able to change this solution and make it conditional ?!?!?!


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On 11/14/2016 at 9:55 PM, wgalliance said:

In case anyone comes across this post, I did finally find an answer to my question.


If I deploy the style to hide the column in the header of the WEBPAGE (vs header of the caspio page) then I can conditionally hide columns.

Based on what page I am on, I hide different columns. Works perfect!

I am looking for this. Thank you @wgalliance When you say Webpage, do you mean the datapage has to be embededded somewhere? Will it not work in a  deployed caspio URL?

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